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Important notice: Currently there seems to be a problem with The CenterIM and ICQ showing the offline/online status of contacts. We already know this problem and it seems that it might be caused by YAUPC (Yet Another Unannounced Protocol Change). We're working on it and there will be a new release soon! Stay tuned, i'll inform about efforts here.
Update: The strange behaviour has been gone by itself. We assume (some devs are still investigating this) that this was some kind of temporary protocol change - perhaps to test something or to check out if and how many "foreign" clients would have problems... who knows...

A running CenterIM in action

This is the CenterIM Wiki page. Please contribute! CenterIM is a fork of CenterICQ.

This site provides information about Requirements compiling CenterIM, a ToDo list with some notes of current bugs, which are managed on our Bug tracking site at SourceForge. There is also a Roadmap of the CenterIM software and a list of Feature Requests as well as the Frequently Asked Questions (not yet complete, but growing).

Communication is managed via Mailing Lists for Users and Developers and on #centerim on

If you are interested in how to contribute patches or source code, please read our contribution guidelines.

Download now!

Project News

  • 2007-10-24 A new package has been released!
    Please check out centerim-20071022.tar.gz
    This release includes a fix for the MSN protocol issue and various code fixes and cleanups.
  • 2007-10-22 There now is a gentoo portage overlay for the mob-branch. Read on here
  • 2007-10-15 CenterIM is searching for a logo/icon !
    If you would like to make any suggestions, please post your icon/logo on Icon with your name. If there are some hand full of examples, we will try to start some kind of poll over them...
  • 2007-10-03 A new package has been released!
    Please check out centerim-20071003.tar.gz
    This release includes lots of changes as well as some bugfixes. Please view the CHANGELOG for details.
  • 2007-08-07 CenterIM has been added to gentoo portage!
    As of today, the CenterIM has officially been added to the famous gentoo portage system. Please see for details.
  • 2007-06-25 A new package has been released!
    Please check out centerim-20070625.tar.gz
    This release includes an updated German translations and some bugfixes.
  • 2007-06-18 A new package has been released!
    Please check out centerim-20070618.tar.gz
    This release includes an updated Czech translations.
  • 2007-06-14 A new package has been released!
    Please check out centerim-20070614.tar.gz
    This release covers some more fixes for the msn library bug and is considered the release build for centerim-4.22.1 , so please check it out and report if it's working for you on our mailing list or at the bugtracking site
  • 2007-06-13 A new package has been released!
    Please check out centerim-20070613.tar.gz
    This release covers a fix for the msn library bug. It was an issue in the libmsn library where it expected an LST command after LSG, but with an empty contact list this doesn't happen so the client stays there waiting for an LST command, but the server disconnects after some time without an answer. Please test and report if it's working!
  • 2007-06-12 Please take our survey!
    We're trying to get a picture on how and how often CenterIM is used. For this case, we started a little online survey and ask you to fill it out. It just has two questions and takes about less than a minute of your time. And (of course) it's anonymous. So, please participate and help us make CenterIM even better!


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