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CenterIM 5.0.0 Beta2 – 22 September 2013

  • Add ability to sort buddies by name, status or last activity.
  • Allow to sort groups in buddy list manually.
  • Add support for searching in the buddy list.
  • Improve dialogs for adding buddies, chat and groups.
  • Add a dialog for displaying information about buddies.
  • Add support for executing libpurple commands from conversations.
  • Add a plugin to execute an external program when a specific event occurs.
  • Add a dialog for enabling plugins and setting their preferences.
  • Add Dutch translation, update Czech and Russian translations.

CenterIM 5.0.0 Beta1 – 27 July 2012

  • Countless smaller and bigger features added. The code was almost completely rewritten and cleaned up.

CenterIM 5.0.0 Alpha1 – 5 July 2008

  • CenterIM 5 Alpha1 Released, intended to get developers interested in helping with CenterIM 5.