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This page discusses the building of CenterIM5.

To successfully compile CenterIM5, you need to have a working C++ compiler suite (including GNU make) and libpurple, ncursesw, libsigc++ libraries and development headers installed. (GNU autotools are required if building from the Git repository.)

Generic procedure

Download an official release or use this command to get the latest source code (using Git):

git clone -b mob git+ssh://

Run the following commands as root:

./bootstrap (use only if building from the Git repository)
make install
ldconfig (see the note below)

You can optionally pass the --enable-debug and --enable-strict options to the ./configure script. The first one disables compiler optimizations and enables building of debug information. The second one is used to enable extra compiler warnings.

If you are installing into the system directories then the installation step will likely have to be done as root.

Note that on some systems you might need to run ldconfig after the installation so the cache is updated and the run-time linker can use this cache to find the CppConsUI library.

Once that is done, you can run CenterIM5 by typing


OS specific notes


Development dependecies for Debian, installing these packages should also install all needed dependencies to be able to build and install CenterIm5.

git build-essential libtool libpurple-dev libncursesw5-dev libglib2.0-dev libsigc++-2.0-dev
autoconf libgconf2-dev autopoint g++ ncurses-dev gettext automake make